"The Lord YHWH bless you and keep you; the Lord YHWH make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord YHWH turn his face toward you and give you peace.” (Book of Numbers 6:24-26).

samedi 26 juillet 2014


The Royal House of Madagascar led by the Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana Rabarioelina, Doctor of Theology, a descendant of the elder branch of the Royal House of Madagascar, with the Council of Traditional Kings and Princes of Madagascar, met in Antananarivo, Saturday, July 19, 2014, to find lasting solutions to lift ninety-two percent (92%) of Malagasy from poverty and to develop the nation. The theme of the first meeting focused on "DEVELOPMENT OF MADAGASCAR: CURRENT PROBLEMS AND SUSTAlNABLE SOLUTlONS.

Thus, they are divided into several committees (Law, Culture, Economy, Education, Health, Science, Environment, Social) to analyze in depth the causes of cyclical current serious problems, based on reports from their representatives throughout Madagascar. After that, they gathered the solutions in the short term, medium term and long term, to save and develop the nation.

The ultimate goal is the establishment of the rule of law and a modern kingdom with a holy nation (Fanjaka-sy Mpisorona firenena Masina), for the blessing of the whole nation, respecting the Lord (Ilay Mpahary ) and respecting the traditional values of the nation (Soatoavina nenti-paharazana), especially the Fahamarinana, in harmony with modernity, in the complementarity of a new spiritual power and a new temporal power, with all the forces of the nation, through new servants of the state, non-corrupt, incorruptible, patriotic, competent and efficient. Among the resolutions of this first meeting:

1) Madagascar and all the islands scattered (Juan de Nova, Bassa of lndia, Europa, Tromelin, Glorioso, ... etc..) in a district 200 miles around Madagascar, belong to the Malagasy (Resolution N° 34/91 and N°35/123 of UN). This is non-negotiable.

2) Establishment of Antenimieran 'ny Andriana (Upper House) who will participate in all major decisions concerning the nation.

3) A Monarchic Constitution, respecting the Lord and our traditional values for the blessing of the whole nation. Indeed, since fifty-four years (1960-2014), Democratic Republican Constitution, from the Greco-Roman civilization and legacy of colonization, benefited only successive leaders, political parties, their associates and foreign mafia. Thus, the solution of a real sustainable development begins with the total eradication of the neo-colonial, secular, democratic republican constitution, imposed for more than half a century in several variants, which is a factor of impoverishment and a deadly poison for 92% of the population.

4) Supplementary budget with investment budgets for the restoration and operation of all the royal palaces (Palais de Manjakamiadana and others) and royal and sacred sites throughout Madagascar, symbols of our national identity, our history and of our civilization.

5) Urgent change of current laws, from the Napoleonic Code, inherited from colonization, by new laws, elaborated with the support of the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, so they are actually in favor of all population and not vice versa.

6) New policies and new laws (cultural, monetary, financial, economic, educational, and social) for the whole nation, and not for traffickers and international mafia.

7) New land policy and new land laws to protect ancestral land belonging to indigenous and peasant foster family farming. Madagascar, Holy Land, belongs to the Malagasy, and the earth can not be borrowed, rented, purchased or sold by indigenous citizens.

8) Real protection of the population and their property, by the Armed Forces, with the support of Ampanjaka (Traditional Chiefs) in any Madagascar, through Dina and customary law.

9) Endogenous development, from human resources and soil, subsoil, atmosphere and sea resources, combining scientific research and discoveries made by national researchers and academics, with the ancestral wisdom , a multimillennial biblical wisdom, and the experience of the population.

10) Creation of national, state or private companies, led by the national, patriotic, competent and efficient manager, with in priority the support of national experts, and international experts if it is really necessary for the transfer of technology, for the exploitation of our strategic resources (soil, subsoil, sea, air), in the respect of environmental and health, so that 90% of the profits go directly to the entire national population (contrary to 02% current).

11) New energy policy to reduce fuel prices immediately, therefore the price of transport, but also the price of energy through the use of alternative energy resources and other renewable resources, with the support of national experts.

12) New policy for education for all, based on Soatoavina nentim-paharazana or traditionnal cultural values, with a quality education and a culture of excellence. An effective strategy to eradicate child malnutrition and distance teaching places throughout Madagascar with the support of the Council of kings and princes of Madagascar.

Antananarivo, Sacred city, July 19, 2014,
Madagascar, Sacred lsland.

Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARlOELlNA,
Direct descendant of the Elder Branch of the Royal House of Madagascar,
Head of the Royal House of Madagascar.

lundi 11 février 2013


The Royal House of Madagascar and the Council of Traditional Kings and Princes in Madagascar, led by Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA, PhD in Theology (USA), Direct descendant of the Eldest Branch of the Royal House of Madagascar, has said to the nation and to the International Community that the inevitable and unavoidable solution of the Lord YHWH for Madagascar is the creation of a New Civilization and a New Constitution for a real development under the guidance of the Royal House of Madagascar with the Council of Traditional Kings and Princes who are the real Raiamandreny (parents) of the nation for centuries, in a spirit of justice, fairness, equity and assembly.

Indeed, after sixty-four years of illegal, illegitimate and unjust French colonization, with the genocide of over 100,000 Malagasy citizens (1896-1960), and after fifty-three years (1960-2013) of a pseudo-independence, Madagascar is still in a french neo-colonial republican system, either on constitutional, administrative, monetary, economic, financial or social plan. Thus, the constitution is modeled on the french constitution, a constitution concocted by Jacques Foccart via the network France-Africa since 1958 in Africa and Madagascar. Similarly, the Civil Code is modeled on the Napoleonic Code.

Since 1960, the country has tried all kinds of systems and political regimes: republicanism, democratism, socialism, humanism ecological liberalism, dictatorship, and even transitional regimes based on unconstitutionality, illegality or illegitimacy (1972 -1975, 1991, 2001-2002, 2009-2011), but nothing has improved. Instead, the situation worsens.

In addition, a constitution is supposed to be an expression of wanting to "live together". The referendum of November 17, 2010 was unilateral, non-consensual, trampling on Human Rights, very poor and unrecognized by the majority of voters and the International Community. Non-registered voters and 4,493,261 non-voting over 7,151,223 registered voters, that is to say more than seventy-five percent (65%) of registered voters did not adopt this proposal constitution of the Fourth Republic flouting Human Rights.

This referendum truncated, forced, poor, with many names of voters distorted, names and electoral cards not found (over 1,000,000 voters) with fraud or gross incompetence at the national level, was not the solution . And the High Constitutional Court (HCC) has not wanted to listen to the concerns of the vast majority of the population. Therefore, it still has led to even more serious political, economic and social crises.

Madagascar, Sacred Earth, is quite different from other countries, because blessed are those who respect our national identity, our values cultural and our multi-millennial history, and cursed are those who do not respect these things.

Thus, to break away from the neo-colonialism and out of this cyclical political crisis over fifty two years (1960-2013), the Royal House of Madagascar with the Council of Traditional Kings and Princes of Madagascar (CKPM), led by Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana Rabarioelina, agrees to work with the Council of Christian Churches in Madagascar (FFKM), all the Forces Vives de la Nation and the International Community to build a new civilization, a new constitution respecting the Lord Creator of the Universe, and respecting our national identity, our cultural values ​​and our multi-millennial history, in harmony with our tradition and the modernity, with new servants of the nation, fearing the Lord YHWH, non-corrupt, incorruptible, competent and efficient.

A New Constitution, a New State, and a Modern Kingdom called FANJAKAN'I MADAGASIKARA promoting meritocracy, not more mediocrity, corruption and impunity, for a real, sustainable, equitable, balanced, harmonized and fair development.

Antananarivo, January 21, 2013.

Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA,
Direct descendant of the Eldest Branch of the Royal House in Madagascar.
Head of the Royal House of Madagascar.

- HM the Queen of United-Kingdom.
- HE the King of Norway.
- HAS the Prince of Monaco.
- HE the President of USA.
- HE the President of African Union.
- HE the President of European Union.
- HE the Federal Chancellor of Germany.
- HE the Pope of the Vatican.
- HE the Prime Minister of Great-Britain.
- HE the President of SADC.
- HE the President of World Bank.
- HE the President of World Jewish Congress...

dimanche 3 février 2013


The Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, led by the Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA, direct descendant of the Eldest Branch of the Royal House in Madagascar, Ph.D of Theology (USA), has declared to the Malagasy nation, the Council of Christian Churches in Madagascar (FFKM) and to the International Community that the sustainable solution of the cyclic political and economic crisis in the country is the KINGDOM OF MADAGASCAR called FANJAKAN' I MADAGASIKARA, under the conducting of the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar who are the real Raiamandreny (parents) of the nation for millenaries.

Indeed, the Great Island of Madagascar was one of the first nations of Africa and the Indian Ocean in the 19th century. In that time, the country was ahead of Japan before the Meiji era in the political, economic and military areas.

After sixty-four years of illegal and illegitimous French colonization (1896-1960) with the genocide of more than 100,000 Malagasy citizens, followed by an incompatible transplant of forty-nine years of republican neo-colonial system (1960-2009) and illegal, illegitimous and anti-constitutional transition (1972-75; 1991; 2001-2001, 2009 -2013), with many leaders and politicians thinking only of their own interests before the interests of the nation, the people became hostage to politicians. The people no longer trust in politicians.

There is a fast and illicit enrichment of officials and some families. The population is impoverished even more. The wealth of the country are sold off. Thus, the country is among the forty poorest nations of the world (HDI, UNDP 2012), and more than eighty percent of the population are poor and living on less than one $ USD per day.

After the successive failures of incompetent and corrupt politicians, what is the solution? The Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar has confirmed that the solution of to the political and economic crisis is not this african roadmap nor the current SADC proposals, but the KINGDOM OF MADAGASCAR called FANJAKAN' I MADAGASIKARA for the blessing of the nation, in accordance with the Word of Zanahary, YHWH, the Eternal Creator of the Universe. Finally, the establishment of a New Constitution in line with our identity national, our multi-millenial history and cultural values.

In conclusion, here are the key messages of the Lord YHWH:
"“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the Glory of YHWH is risen on you. For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples; but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you." (Isaiah 60:1-2).

Antananarivo, January 21, 2013.

HRH the Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA,
Ph.D in Theology (USA),
Head of the Royal House of Madagascar.

mardi 4 décembre 2012


The history of the Royal House of Madagascar began since more than one thousand and five hundred years before the Christian era until the present times. The Royal House of Madagascar have Jewish origins. They have close links to the First Temple of Jerusalem.

The Eldest branch (Lahimatoa) of the Royal House (Fianakaviana Andriamanjaka) is the depositary of royal traditions and customs. The Eldest branch is the legitimous Royal House in this Great Island. They safeguard and they conserve secretly the sacrality (Hasina) of the Royal House in Madagascar.

In one hand, only the king who is a direct descendant of the Eldest son (Zokiny or Zaken) of the royal Family is legitimous. Later, the descendant of the youngest son (Zandry) of the royal family could reign if he was married with a princess from the Eldest branch. The last king, who was not really legitimeous, but, who obeyed to this commandment was the King Andria-nampo-in-imerina (the king at the heart of Imerina) who reigned in 1778-1810. He had more than twelve wifes and more than one hundred concubines.

Moreover, the Lord Elohim, the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has said: "The Kings will reign in righteousness and the princes will govern in  justice. " (Isaiah 32:1). Thus, only the princes can reign, but not the princesses. In addition, the last two kings and the last three queens had not respected the royal convention because they did not marry with a princess or a prince from the eldest branch of the Royal House. Thus, they were not exactly legitimous, most of all the last four queens who were married with non-aristocratic prime ministers.It was among the reasons of their fall.

In other hands, there was a kingdom in Madagascar during many centuries. Later, Madagascar was an Empire in the 19th Century. There was more than traditional twenty kingdoms in this Great Island, and there was a great king or an Emperor who lived in the Royal Palace of Antananarivo .

In the present times, we can find more than twenty traditional kings (Ampanjaka) in many traditional kingdoms (Fanjakana) in Madagascar. The french colonization (1896-1960) could not abolish the royalty in Madagascar. Moreover, after the echecs of colonialism, neo-colonialism, socialism, and liberalism, during fifty years (1960-2010), we can see at the increasing of royal customs and traditions in the whole country.

In the present times, there is a gathering of all traditional kings in Madagascar under the conducting of the Eldest branch of the Royal House in Madagascar. By the Will of the Lord IHWH, the Creator of the Universe, Madagascar will be a Modern Monarchy called FANJAKAN' I MADAGASIKARA (Kingdom of Madagascar) in few times...

Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA,
Direct descendant of the Eldest branch of the Royal House of Madagascar,
Head of the Royal House of Madagascar.

mercredi 1 août 2012


1 - As Head of Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, what do you think about Madagascar's independence?

As Head of Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, direct descendant of the Eldest branch of the Royal House of Madagascar, I would like to insist that Madagascar was already an independent country during more than three thousand years before the french colonization, at least since the time of King Solomon (970-930 BC) before the Christian era until 1896. And the Kingdom of Madagascar was among the greatest nations in Africa and Indian Ocean, and even ahead in several areas compared to Japan before the Meiji era in 1868.

The Conference of Berlin in 1883-1885 to the partition of Africa and Madagascar has changed the policy globally. Currently, the former French colonies are still in a secular, democratic, republican and neo-colonial system, contrary to the Will of the Lord YHWH, concocted by Jacques Foccart, and imposed since 1950-60's until the present times in Africa and Madagascar via the Françafrique network.

2 - What is the conclusion regarding the governance of the country during the last fifty years?

Since 1960, successive Republican leaders and their governments are responsible for the failure of their management of the country. Especially none was prepared. After fifty-two years of republican regime and transition (1960-2012), Madagascar is among the last forty countries with a very low Human Development Index (HDI, UNDP, 2011), and it gets even worse in 2012 with over seventy-seven percent (+77%) of people became very poor and living on less than 01 $ USD per day.

3 - In comparison to the current situation, what do you think about the Kingdom of Madagascar?

At the epoch of the Kingdom of Madagascar, there was more respect for Zanahary, the Lord YHWH, and respect of our cultural values. But also the notion of authority, responsibility, discipline and excellence. The meaning of the State. The superior interests of the nation and the country, not in the superior interests of the leaders.

On the security front, there was more security through a more disciplined army and in greater numbers, but also thanks to the solidarity of the fokonolona (villagers) for the defense of villages, especially in the time of King Radama 1st (1810-1828) up to the time of the Queen Ranavalona 1st (1828-1861). The Army of the Queen Ranavalona 1st defeated the military attacks of French and English on the Great Island.

Educationally, quality education with a well depth content. The school was compulsory for all children. Teachers were better prepared. A boom and a growth in number and quality of primary, secondary and higher schools. And high schools were universities of Excellence. In 1896, at the epoch of Queen Ranavalona III (1883-1896), schools of the Kingdom of Madagascar had more than 200,000 students, with many Christian schools. What made Madagascar one of the most educated countries in the world.

Socially, the concept of family solidarity and village. Concern for the well-being of the population. The care of patients through the creation of the School of Medicine in Ankadinandriana with a hospital quality, such as the Royal Hospital of Soavinandriana with physicians well prepared.

Economically, the rise in the creation of factories for a real development of the secondary sector. Economically and financially, King Andrianampoinimerina had stored money in the Royal Treasury of Ambohimanga, the equivalent of the present central bank, to operate normally the State for one hundred years after his reign.

In environmental terms, respect and protection of nature and concern for the preservation of natural resources (unlike the massive destruction of the current environment, like the illegal export of more than 52,000 tons of rosewood).

In terms of food, we can say that the vast majority of people have had their fill. So a standard of living much higher compared to the current situation.

Internationally, Madagascar was one of the greatest nations in Africa and the Indian Ocean. Which is no longer the case.

In contrast, in this secular, democratic, republican and neo-colonial regime, all pseudo-politicians want to be leader and nobody is responsible. Thus, the cacophony and the anarchy reign...

4 - What is the position of the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar face to the current crisis?

Before the arrival of Asian, African, Arab and European foreigners on this Island, the King-Priest Andriantomara, the first known ancestor of the Andriana (the royal family), has said, several centuries before the Christian era: "I bless this island for you, O princes my descendants, and I bless you to rule over this Great Island". This will be a blessing for those who respect the oath and the curse for those who transgress.

After the successive failures of many leaders and Republican politicians, incompetent, corrupt, thieves, murderers, traitors of the nation, looting and selling off the wealth of the country, with over 100 Billion Dollar USD losses for the country, more of 200,000 Billions Ariary, between 1960 and 2012, the Andriana patriots have a great responsibility toward the Lord YHWH the Creator of the Universe and toward the Lord Jesus Christ to lead and save the country.

Thus, since 2010, according to biblical guidelines of the Lord YHWH, the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, led by the Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana Rabarioelina, work peacefully for the advent of an inevitable and unavoidable Royal Theocracy and a Christocracy, with a constitution based on the Bible, for the restoration of the country and the blessing of the nation.

5 - In your opinion, the secular state is compatible with a true sustainable development?

In the first world ranking of the 2011 Human Development Index (HDI), we see the Kingdom of Norway. The majority of the top ten countries in the world, with a very high Human Development Index (HDI), have a very high standard of living (HDR report, UNDP, 2011) and are Christian monarchies and principalities.

The last forty countries (40) world rankings on the Human Development Index (HDI), including Madagascar, have a very low standard of living and are in great majority of countries with a secular, democratic and republican system, (report on the HDI, UNDP, 2011).

Unlike the secular, democratic and republican regimes, that brings a curse, there is at least a dozen nations in the world that recognize the Theocracy and the Christocracy. It's not for nothing if all twelve countries have an Human Development Index (HDI) among the highest in the world, so a higher standard of living because their leaders respect and recognize the Lord YHWH the Creator of the Universe and the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords and that in their Constitution itself. Therefore, they have the Lord YHWH's blessing!

6 - Faced with a secular, democratic and republican system, which suffered only failures, and having created great poverty, does the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar have the proposal?

As directed by the Lord YHWH in the Bible, including the Old Testament and New Testament, the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar works peacefully to the advent of a new civilization, a new society, to a modern and christocratic state, respecting Zanahary, the Lord YHWH, and respecting our cultural values ​​from the Bible, consisting really all the forces of the nation, for a truly, sustainable, harmonized, balanced and fair development, with the following bodies :

First, the Royal Palace with the Great King as Head of State, from the great royal family (elected by the Lord YHWH as King David or King Solomon), assisted by the Council of Kings (CK) of all tribes of Madagascar. In parallel, there will be the Council of Priests (CP), including those from the Church, to serve as spiritual and Biblical guide and spiritual beacon.

Second, the legislative function will be provided by the Antenimieran' ny Andriana (AA) or Councils of Princes of Madagascar, like the House of Lords, and the Antenimieram-Bahoaka or People's Assembly (PA) with representatives of all the tribes of Madagascar.

Third, a Government of Technocrats (GT), headed by a Prime Minister with Twelve Ministers assisted by Secretaries of State, including the recruitment criteria will be the respect for the Lord YHWH, moral integrity, patriotism, competence and efficiency.

Fourth, the judiciary function will be ensured by the Traditional Tribunal (TT) respecting our customary rights from the Bible. For problems not resolved by this court, they will turn to the Modern Tribunal (MT), and both Courts must make decisions in righteousness and in equity. At the top, there will be the Royal Supreme Court (RSC), and finally the Great King decide on following biblical foundations and the Council of Priests and the Royal Council.

Quinto: The Cultural, Economic and Social Council (CESC) grouping: the Cultural Council (CC) involving all trade unions and cultural associations for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage and environment, and enhancement of the cultural riches of the country; the Economic Council (EC) involving all levels, trade unions and federations for a true economic development of countries and harmonized; the Social Council (SC) comprising all the representatives of civil society and social organizations for the welfare and the social development of all social groups in the country.

7 - What is the meaning of the name "Andriana", but also their vocation in Madagascar?

The word "Andriana" does mean king, royal family, royal family, the pillar of the nation and the parents of the nation, whose divine vocation is to rule the country and bring peace, blessings, and prosperity to its people (Genesis 12:2-3 and 17:6).

The Andriana patriots, such as King-Priest Andriantomara, King Andrianerinerina, King Andriamanelo, King Ralambo, King-Priest Andriantompokoindrindra, King Andrianjaka, King Andriamasinavalona, King Andrianampoinimerina, have worked for centuries, to gather family groups, clans and tribes of the whole island, where the vast majority (80%) are Jews and Jews from Africa, Asia, Middle East and Near East Old, from the Twelve Tribes Israel (cf. Flacourt, Cameron, Ravelojaona, Ramilison, Razakandrainy, Briant, Kasanga Ratefy ...) and according to their ancient Jewish monotheism (cf. the Bible of Andrianampoinimerina) and their respective divine vocations, to form the Kingdom of Madagascar or Fanjakan 'i Madagasikara ...

8 - Do the heirs of the monarchy still have the ability to lead and save the country?

Since 1896, there is no Andriana (member of the royal family) at the highest state level and there is a curse in the country: all the successive leaders have been failures and were stripped of their function, and the people live in growing in extreme poverty.

The King-Priest Andriantompokoindrindra (around 1600) had already predicted the future of this country. There was a time for everything. A time to reign, a time to keep silence, and a time to act and reign again. Then, do the Andriana still have the ability to lead and save the country? Yes, without hesitation. Especially, many of them are part of the country's elite and are preparing. In addition, it is their divine calling. The resurgence and the gathering of current kings and princes of Madagascar are the visible signs of a better world to come ...

9 - What is your durable solution for Madagascar?

In the Lord YHWH belongs the earth and the fullness thereof, the world and its inhabitants. The Will of the Lord YHWH for all nations, and especially Madagascar, is a royal theocratic constitution that recognizes the Lord YHWH, the Creator of the Universe, the Almighty (Royal Theocracy), and which recognizes Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords (Christocracy) in the Constitution itself !

Those who turn to the Lord YHWH, the Creator of the Universe, by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords, and walking in righteousness, will be blessed and uplifted. And those who wallow in disbelief, lies, thefts, robberies, betrayals, murders and assassinations, are cursed and will forfeit.

Finally, let us prepare all because the Lord YHWH will create, sooner, a state and a modern and christocratic kingdom, recognizing Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords, for a truly, harmonized, fair, balanced and sustainable development in the country, and for the blessing of the nation. This will require a drastic reform of the legal, monetary, financial, economic and social system in the country. Thus, Madagascar will be the light to the nations and will be among the first world powers. And the Great Island, which will return a Green Island, will be one of the world's breadbasket. This will be the sustainable solution of the Lord YHWH for Madagascar!

Antananarivo, June 21, 2012.

Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA,
PhD in Theology (United-States of America)
Head of the Royal House of Madagascar.

jeudi 26 juillet 2012


1- En tant que Chef du Conseil des Rois et Princes de Madagascar, qu’en pensez-vous de l’indépendance de Madagascar ?

En tant que Chef du Conseil des Rois et Princes de Madagascar, descendant direct de l'Ainé de la grande famille royale de Madagascar, j'aimerai insister sur le fait que Madagascar était déjà un pays indépendant durant plus de trois mille ans avant la colonisation, au moins depuis l'époque du Roi Salomon (1010-970 BC) avant l'ère chrétienne jusqu'en 1896. Et le Royaume de Madagascar était parmi les plus grandes nations d'Afrique et de l'Océan Indien, et même en avance dans plusieurs domaines par rapport au Japon avant l'ère Meiji en 1868.

La Conférence de Berlin de 1883-1885 pour le partage de l'Afrique et Madagascar a changé la donne politique sur le plan mondial. Actuellement, les anciennes colonies françaises sont encore dans un système néo-colonial, républicain, laïc, démocratique, contraire à la volonté de l’Eternel, concocté par Jacques Foccart, et imposé depuis 1950-60 en Afrique et à Madagascar, via le réseau françafrique.

2- Quel est le constat concernant la gouvernance du pays durant ces dernières cinquante et quelques années ?

Depuis 1960, les dirigeants républicains successifs et leurs gouvernements sont responsables de l'échec de leur gestion du pays. D’autant plus qu’aucun ne s’est préparé. Après cinquante et deux années de régime républicain et de transition (1960-2012), Madagascar se retrouve parmi les quarante derniers pays ayant un Indice de Développement Humain très faible (IDH, PNUD 2011), et cela empire encore en 2012 avec plus de quatre-vingt pour cent (+80 %) de citoyens devenus très pauvres et vivant actuellement avec moins de un dollar USD par jour.

3- Par rapport la situation actuelle, qu’en était-il du Royaume de Madagascar?

Au temps du Royaume de Madagascar, il y avait plus de respect de l’Eternel et de respect de nos valeurs culturelles. Mais aussi la notion d’autorité, de responsabilité, de discipline et d’excellence. Le sens de l’Etat. L'intérêt supérieur de la nation et de la patrie, et non de l’intérêt supérieur des dirigeants.

Sur le plan sécuritaire, il y avait plus de sécurité grâce à une armée plus disciplinée et en plus grand nombre, mais aussi grâce à la solidarité du fokonolona pour la défense des villages, surtout au temps du Roi Radama 1er jusqu’ à l’époque de la Reine Ranavalona 1ère. L’armée de la Reine Ranavalona 1ère a défait les attaques militaires des français et des anglais sur l’Ile.

Sur le plan éducationnel, un enseignement de qualité avec un contenu très bien approfondi. L’école était obligatoire pour les enfants. Les enseignants étaient mieux préparés. Un essor et une croissance, en nombre et en qualité, des écoles primaires, secondaires et supérieures. Et les High Schools étaient des universités d’excellence. En 1896, au temps de la Reine Ranavalona III, les écoles du Royaume de Madagascar comptaient plus de 200 000 élèves, avec beaucoup d'écoles chrétiennes. Ce qui faisait de Madagascar l’un des pays les plus scolarisés au monde.

Sur le plan social, la notion de solidarité familiale et villageoise. Le souci du bien-être de la population. Le souci des malades par la création de l’Ecole de Médecine d’Ankadinandriana et de l’hôpital de qualité, comme celui de Soavinandriana, avec de médecins bien préparés.

Sur le plan économique, l’essor dans la création d’ateliers de manufactures et d’usines de transformation pour un vrai développement du secteur secondaire. Sur le plan économique et financier, le Roi Andrianampoinimerina avait pu stocker de l’argent auprès du Trésor Royal d’Ambohimanga, l’équivalent d’une banque centrale actuelle, pour faire fonctionner normalement l’Etat pour les cent ans après son règne.

Sur le plan environnemental, le respect et la protection de la nature, et le souci de la préservation des richesses naturelles (contrairement à la destruction massive de l’environnement actuel, à l’exemple de l’exportation illicite de plus de 52.000 tonnes de bois de rose).

Sur le plan agro-alimentaire, on peut dire que la grande majorité de la population ont mangé à leur faim. Donc un niveau de vie beaucoup plus élevé par rapport à la situation actuelle.

Sur le plan international, Madagascar était une des plus grandes nations d’Afrique et de l’Océan Indien. Ce qui n’est plus le cas actuellement.

A l’opposé, dans ce régime néo-colonial, républicain, laïc, démocratique, tous les pseudo-politiciens veulent être chef et personne n’est responsable. Ainsi, la cacophonie et l’anarchie règnent...

4- Quelle est la position du Conseil des Rois et Princes de Madagascar face à la crise actuelle ?

Avant l’arrivée sur cette Ile des étrangers asiatiques, africains, arabes et européens, le Roi-Prêtre Andriantomara, premier ancêtre connu des Andriana avait dit, il y a plusieurs siècles avant l’ère chrétienne: « Je bénis cette Ile pour vous, ô princes mes descendants, et je vous bénis pour régner sur cette Grande Ile». Ce sera la bénédiction pour ceux qui respectent ce serment et la malédiction pour ceux qui la transgressent.

Après les échecs successifs de bon nombre de dirigeants et politiciens républicains, incompétents, corrompus, voleurs, assassins, traitres de la nation, pillant et bradant les richesses du pays, avec plus de 100 Milliards de Dollar USD de pertes pour le pays, soit plus de 200.000 Milliards d’Ariary, entre 1960 et 2012, les Andriana patriotes ont la lourde responsabilité devant l’Eternel et devant le Seigneur Jésus-Christ de diriger et sauver le pays.

Ainsi, depuis 2010, selon les directives bibliques de l’Eternel, le Conseil des Rois et Princes de Madagascar, dirigé par le Prince Rév. Dr. Ndriana Rabarioelina, œuvre pacifiquement pour l'avènement inévitable et inéluctable d’une théocratie royale et d’une christocratie, avec une constitution basée sur la Bible, pour la restauration du pays et la bénédiction de la nation.

5- A votre avis, la laïcité de l’Etat est-elle compatible avec un vrai développement durable?

Au premier rang du classement mondial 2011 de l’Indice de Développement Humain IDH), on voit le Royaume de Norvège. La majorité des dix premiers pays dans le monde, ayant un Indice de Développement Humain (IDH) très élevé, ont un niveau de vie très élevé (rapport RDH du PNUD, 2011) et sont de monarchies et principautés chrétiennes.

Les quarante derniers pays (40) du classement mondial concernant l'Indice de Développement Humain (IDH), y compris Madagascar, ont un niveau de vie très faible et sont en très grande majorité des pays ayant un système républicain, laïc, démocratique (rapport sur l'IDH, PNUD, 2011).

A l’opposé des régimes républicains, démocratiques et laïcs qui apportent la malédiction, il existe, au moins, une douzaine de nations dans le monde qui reconnaissent la Théocratie et la Christocratie. Ce n’est pas pour rien si ces douze pays ont un IDH parmi les plus élevés dans le monde, donc un niveau de vie plus élevé, car leurs dirigeants respectent l’Eternel et reconnaissent Jésus-Christ comme Roi des rois et Seigneur des seigneurs, et cela dans leur Constitution elle-même. Par conséquent, ils ont la bénédiction divine !

6- Face à un régime républicain, laïc, démocratique, qui n’a subi que des échecs, et ayant engendré une grande pauvreté, le Conseil des Rois et Princes de Madagascar a-t-il une proposition?

Selon les directives de l’Eternel dans la Bible, compris dans l’Ancien Testament et le Nouveau Testament, le Conseil des Rois et Princes de Madagascar œuvre pacifiquement pour l’avènement d’une nouvelle civilisation, d’une nouvelle société, d’un état moderne et christocratique, respectant Zanahary, l’Eternel YHWH, et respectant nos valeurs culturelles issues de la Bible, regroupant vraiment toutes les forces vives de la nation, pour un vrai développement durable, harmonisé, équilibré et équitable, avec les organes suivantes:

Primo, le Palais Royal avec le Grand Roi comme Chef d'Etat, issu de la grande famille royale (élu par l’Eternel comme le Roi David ou le Roi Salomon), assisté par le Conseil des Rois (CR) de toutes les tribus de Madagascar. En parallèle, il y aura le Conseil des Sacrificateurs (CS), dont ceux issus de l'Eglise, qui servira de guide spirituel biblique et de balise spirituelle.

Secundo, la fonction législative sera assuré par l'Antenimieran' ny Andriana (AA) ou Conseils des Princes de Madagascar, à l'instar de la Chambre des Lords, et l'Antenimieram-Bahoaka (AB) ou Assemblée du Peuple avec les représentants de toutes les tribus de Madagascar.

Tertio, un Gouvernement de technocrates (GT), dirigé par un Premier Ministre avec Douze Ministres aidés par de Secrétaires d'état, dont les critères de recrutement seront le respect de l’Eternel, l'intégrité morale, le patriotisme, la compétence et l'efficacité.

Quarto, la fonction judiciaire sera assurée par le Tribunal Traditionnel (TT) respectant nos droits coutumiers bibliques. Pour les problèmes non-résolus par ce tribunal, on se tournera vers le Tribunal Moderne (TM), et ces deux tribunaux doivent prendre des décisions dans la droiture et selon l’équité. En haut, il y aura la Cour Suprême Royale (CSUR), et en dernier lieu le Grand Roi tranchera sur de fondements bibliques en suivant le Conseil des Sacrificateurs et du Conseil Royal.

Quinto: Le Conseil Culturel, Economique et Social (CCES) regroupant : le Conseil Culturel (CC) regroupant tous les syndicats et fédérations culturels pour la sauvegarde et la protection du patrimoine culturel et de l’environnement, et la valorisation des richesses culturelles du pays; le Conseil Economique (CE) regroupant tous les ordres, syndicats et fédérations pour un vrai développement économique et harmonisé du pays; le Conseil Social (CS) regroupant tous les représentants de la société civile et organisations sociales pour le bien-être et le développement social de tous les groupes sociaux du pays.

7- Quelle est la signification du nom « Andriana », mais aussi leur vocation à Madagascar ?

Le mot Andriana veut dire roi, famille royale, famille princière, pilier de la nation, dont la vocation divine est de diriger le pays et d’amener la paix, la bénédiction divine, et la prospérité à ses habitants (Genèse 12:2-3 et 17:6).

Les Andriana patriotes, comme le Roi-Prêtre Andriantomara, le Roi Andrianerinerina, le Roi Andriamanelo, le Roi Ralambo, le Roi-Prêtre Andriantompokoindrindra, le Roi Andrianjaka, le Roi Andriamasinavalona, le Roi Andrianampoinimerina, ont œuvré, durant des siècles, pour rassembler les groupes familiaux, clans et tribus de toute l’Ile dont la grande majorité (+80%) sont de juifs et israélites d’Afrique, d’Asie, du Moyen-Orient et du Proche-Orient Ancien, issus des Douze Tribus d'Israël (cf. Flacourt, Cameron, Ravelojaona, Ramilison, Razakandrainy, Briant, Kasanga, Ratefy...) et suivant leur monothéisme juif ancien (cf. La Bible d'Andrianampoinimerina) et leurs vocations divines respectives, pour former le Royaume de Madagascar ou Fanjakan’ i Madagasikara...

8- Les héritiers de la monarchie ont-ils encore la capacité de diriger et de sauver le pays?

Depuis 1896, il n’y a pas d’Andriana au plus haut niveau de l’Etat, et on constate la malédiction dans le pays: tous les dirigeants successifs ont subi des échecs et étaient déchus de leur fonction, et le peuple vit de plus en plus dans la grande pauvreté.

Le Roi-Prêtre Andriantompokoindrindra (vers 1600) avait déjà prédit l’avenir de ce pays. Il y a un temps pour tout. Un temps pour régner, un temps pour se taire, un temps pour agir et régner de nouveau. Alors, les Andriana ont-ils encore la capacité de diriger et sauver le pays? Oui, sans hésitation. D’autant plus que bon nombre d’entre eux font partie de l’élite du pays et s’y préparent. En plus, c’est leur vocation divine. La résurgence et le rassemblement actuel des rois et princes de Madagascar sont les signes visibles d’un monde meilleur à venir...

9- Quelle est pour vous la solution durable pour Madagascar ?

A l’Eternel appartient la terre et ce qu’elle renferme, le monde et ses habitants. La Volonté de l’Eternel YHWH pour toutes les nations, et en particulier pour Madagascar, est une Constitution théocratique royale qui reconnait l'Eternel Créateur de l'Univers, YHWH, le Tout-Puissant (Théocratie royale), et qui reconnait Jésus-Christ comme Roi des rois et Seigneur des seigneurs (Christocratie) dans la Constitution elle-même !

Ceux qui se tournent vers l’Eternel YHWH, le Créateur de l’Univers, en acceptant le Seigneur Jésus-Christ comme Roi des rois et Seigneur des seigneurs, et marchant dans la droiture, seront bénis et élevés. Et ceux qui se vautrent dans l’incrédulité, les mensonges, vols, pillages, traitrises, assassinats et meurtres, sont maudits et seront déchus.

Enfin, préparons-nous tous, car l’Eternel YHWH va instaurer, d’ici peu, un état et un royaume moderne et christocratique, reconnaissant Jésus-Christ comme Roi des rois et Seigneur des seigneurs, pour un vrai développement durable, harmonisé, équitable et équilibré du pays, et pour la bénédiction de la nation. Cela passera par une réforme drastique du système juridique, monétaire, financier, économique et social du pays. Ainsi, Madagascar deviendra la lumière des nations et sera parmi les premières puissances mondiales. Et La Grande Ile, qui redeviendra une Ile Verte, sera un des greniers alimentaires mondiaux. Ce sera la solution de l'Eternel pour Madagascar !

Antananarivo, 21 juin 2012.

Prince Rév. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA,PhD,
Docteur en Théologie (United-States of America),
Chef du Conseil des Rois et Princes de Madagascar.